Notice to mariners 100/2017 (14 August, 2017)
Subject: Israeli navy announcement: "danger to navigation zone".
Charts affected: B A chart 183

This is to advise all mariners that the area bounded by the following positions, will be declared as " danger to navigation zone" on the 15th and 16th august 2017 between the hours 07:00hr and 18:00hr local time.

1- 31°44'54"N  034°08'36"E
2- 31°29'42"N  033°54'24"E
3- 31°28'42"N  033°31'36"E
4- 31°39'54"N  033°09'36"E
5- 32°02'36"N  033°24'00"E
6- 31°59'00"N  033°55'00"E