Notice to mariners 52/2018 (16 May, 2018)
Subject: report of objects on sea bottom .
Charts affected: survey of Israel chart No 1,22, 23
B A chart 2634, 1591

This is to advise all mariners that the following objects on sea bottom have been located and      will be marked on chart survey of Israel chart 23.

1-    Steel pillar pipe length 6m protruding 3m from sea bottom depth 61m, in position:
         31°49.181' N    034°29.833' E

2-    "Wrk" in position 31°42'59.31" N   034°31'48.25" E is cancelled.

3-    "Wrk" in position 31°42'38.24" N   034°30'14.39" E is cancelled.

4-    New wrk in position- 31°43'03" N   034°31'58.71"E protruding 6m from sea bottom, 
       depth 33.5m.

5-    New wrk in position 31°43'03.28" N   034°32'02.95" E protruding 4m from sea bottom,   
        depth 33.3m.

6-    A vertical steel pillar protruding 5m from sea bottom depth of sea 46m in position:
        32°18.07' N   034°45.692'