Subject: Drilling rig "ENSCO 5006" - will be towed from Cyprus to "Tamar SW-1"
Charts affected: Survey of Israel: Chart no. 1.    B.A. Chart no. 2634.

This is to advise all mariners that the gas drilling rig "5006 ENSCO" will move to new location "Tamar  SW-1", position:
32°   55' 10.189"  N
033° 54' 54.399"  E

The "Ensco 5006" will be towed by the tugs: "John P Laborde" and "R.M. Currence". The tug  "U O S Path Finder" will accompany the operation.
The rig will move on the 3 October 2013 and stay in this position until end January 2014.

All vessels in the area are requested to keep a safe distance.