The definitions of the various vessels coming under the jurisdiction of the Department of Small Craft are listed here for the convenience of the public.
  1. LAUNCH  -  a vessel whose length does not exceed  7  meters
  2. MOTOR LAUNCH  -  a launch driven by means of an inboard or outboard motor
  3. PASSENGER-CARRYING LAUNCH, also known as COMMERCIAL  LAUNCH  -  a launch which is carrying, or is intended to carry fare-paying passengers, or carry out various marine activities.
  4. BOAT  -  a vessel whose length is more than 7 meters, up to 24 meters.
  5. PASSENGER-CARRYING BOAT also known as a COMMERCIAL BOAT  -  a boat that is carrying, or is intended to carry fare-paying passengers.
  6. PERSONAL WATER CRAFT (PWC)  also known as a  JET-SKI  -  a vessel driven by a water-pumping (jet) motor which is able to carry up to  3 passengers including the crew. It is operated riding astride or by standing upright and it is driven using a lateral handle-bar.
  7. SAILING BOAT  -  a vessel whose length is between  7  and  24  meters, driven by oars  and/or sails, which is not intended to carry a motor and does not carry such motor, operated within the framework of a Nautical School, a Marine Sports Organization or any other organization acknowledged by the ASP as such, and is sailing under the supervision of a Safety Officer nominated by that organization.
  8. TRAINING BOAT  -  a boat carrying students and /or trainees of  marine subjects, which has been recognized as such by the ASP .The operator of such a boat will require a  grade 60 certificate (for operating a boat on voyages abroad) and a grade 40 certificate (for operating a passenger-carrying boat). While carrying fare-paying passengers, all relevant regulations concerning a passenger-carrying boat will apply to this boat, including the prohibition of carrying more than 12  passengers on a voyage abroad.
  9. SERVICE BOAT - a boat designated for rendering harbour services only, such as towing small craft, mooring services to ships, carrying a pilot and carrying passengers to and from ships -  provided the boat is also permitted to carry passengers.