A Committee for Exceptional Cases Authorization operates within the Department of Small Craft headed by the Department Director.

The committee’s assignments are as follows

  1. Making decisions concerning the appeals of examinees with learning difficulties who request an oral examination or an extension of the official time-span allotted for  an examination.
  2. Making decisions concerning special cases appeals for an extension of the two-year time limit laid down by the regulations.
  3. Making decisions concerning appeals for recognition (or part-recognition) of authorization certificates obtained outside the State of Israel. To make this point clear, it is hereby stated that in principle, the ASP/DSC does not recognize foreign authorizations. When appealing  for recognition (or part-recognition) of a foreign authorization the candidate should add the following papers to his appeal:
    • An official certificate  issued by the country in which the authorization was made, confirming that the certificate was issued by a governmental agency (not by another body, such as  a sailing club, for instance). In most countries this would be the Ministry of Transport. This paper should be presented in English or Hebrew. (If a translation is required, this will be taken care of  by the candidate.)
    • An official transliteration of the foreign syllabus (in English or Hebrew) on which the candidates’ examinations abroad are based.
    • Evidence concerning the length of the candidate’s practical experience (”Sea-time”).
  4. Making decisions about special appeals concerning existing operators certificates, such as an appeal to operate the vessel within a certain area as a single operator.
  5. Making decisions about recognizing various authorizations certificates issued by  the Israel Navy, the Police Marine Patrol, the Merchant Navy or other bodies recognized by the ASP.