General remarks

  1. The minimal age for obtaining this certificate is 16 years.
  2. The candidate shall present a good health certificate and a certificate proving good eye-sight but will not be obliged to discern colours.
  3. The candidate will have to pass a theoretical Grade A  Seamanship examination as well as a practical examination for operating a PWC.
    • A PWC will be operated in coastal waters only, during day-light hours from sunrise to sunset.
    • Only an authorized operator is permitted to drive a PWC from the driver’s seat close to the steering-bars, i.e. the authorized operator sitting behind the driver is not good enough !!
    • A candidate preparing for his practical examination will be permitted to drive the PWC by himself in accordance with the following stipulations:
      • The purpose of driving the PWC is a training exercise for a practical examination.
      • An authorized trainer is present, constantly supervising the trainee, having eye-contact with him from a nearby control-vessel.
      • The trainee has successfully passed his theoretical Seamanship grade A examination.
      • The time elapsed between the theoretical examination and the practical tests is less than 90 days.
      • The training exercise is carried out in such a manner so that it does not impede the operation of other vessels, far away from bathing beaches within the limitations of Regulation 68 of the Ports Regulations ( Safety of Navigation).
      • The trainer has been a certified PWC operator for more than 1 year, has a grade 20 authorization certificate, is over 21 years of age and has obtained a trainers permit from the DSC.
      • The trainee is over 16 years of age.
    • The towing of water-ski with a PWC is permitted only for a PWC designed for 3 persons and is manned by 2 crew members during the towing operation.
    • The authorization examinations for a PWC are not a recognized part of the authorization-course for other operator grades. In order to apply for further grades the candidate will be obliged to present a fresh health certificate and eye-test, including colour discernment.
  4. We wish to clarify the fact that a GRADE 11 by itself does not permit the operation of a PWC designated for 4 persons. In order to operate a PWC designated for 4 persons, the operator will require a GRADE 12 authorization certificate (at least) in addition to his grade 11 certificate.