General Remarks

The required knowledge is divided into two levels:
  • Familiarity” is the lower level in which the examinee is required to be familiar with the subject, but no proficiency is required.
  • The higher level is “Proficiency”. At this level the examinee is required to show a more profound knowledge of the material, including the necessary relevant calculations.

Seamanship Grade A Examination( Allotted time 60 minutes )
S u b j e c tFam.Prof.
General Subjects: Definitions according to the Regulations, necessary insurance for PWC and the necessary certificates for operating a PWC.   X
Meteorology: Recognizing pre-storm warning signals along Israel’s shores: In the Mediterranean Sea, in Eilat and the Kineret (The lake of Genezareth). Where are weather forecasts can be obtained, weather characteristics for the various seasons, the "Breeze". X  
Israel Shores & Daylight Sailing Principles: The characteristic shorelines in the diverse areas, “escape” beaches, estimating distances (for instance: What is the horizon-range as seen from a PWC ?), areas closed to navigation, firing-practice areas, where can up-dated firing-practice area charts be obtained. X  
Characteristics of a PWC: Manoueverability restrictions, the effect of added weight on the PWC, the effect of waves on visibility (trough-blindness).   X
Buoyage: Harbour entrances, warning buoys, the prohibition of touching buoys or mooring to them, exit and entrance courses near beaches (Regulation  68), the prohibition of approaching oil-tankers’ anchorages.   X
Rules of the Road: Regulations 1  -  20 of the Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, day signals (shapes) and sound signals according to regulations  24  -  36. X  
Distress: Distress signals of  various vessels, Regulation 37 appendix 4, distress equipment. Reaction to accidents such as fire on a PWC or  capsizing, motor starting inability, overcoming difficulties while at sea, required actions in case of distress and the distress of another vessel, towing and being towed.   X