1. The test-launch will have a cruising speed of at least 15  knots, when being operated while carrying an instructor, an examiner and several examinees
  2. The sailing school will prepare a course consisting of  4  buoys forming a right-angled triangle, whose perpendicular sides will be  25  meters long
  3. Each examinee will carry out a power-control run along  the course: Starting  the run at a speed of no less than  12  knots, entering the triangular course from outside and close to the first buoy of the hypotenuse (the long side of the triangle) circumventing the central buoy and exiting before reaching the hypotenuse’s last buoy. Then  finishing the course around and outside the perpendicular sides’ buoys,  returning to the starting point. The whole run should be completed in 30 seconds
  4. On completing the a.m. run, the examinee will approach one of the buoys, carrying out a “Man Overboard” manouever: The approach should position the launch on the lee side of the buoy, which should be near the forward part, one third of he launch’s length. On reaching this point - the launch should be stopped, not making way through the water. 
    Next  -  the examinee should bring the launch alongside an anchored vessel or a jetty  or pier, then bring up a ski tow-rope to a buoy (representing a water-skier).  Next, the examinee should carry out a “Bow-on” approach to a buoy, the buoy should be one   meter ahead of the launch’s keel-line and the launch  motionless in the water.   Next, the examinee should carry out a “Bow-on” approach to a jetty or pier, stopping the launch one  meter in front of the jetty
  5. The examiner, during a period of up to ten minutes  -   shall ask the examinees various questions from the syllabus and the theoretical examination, including question concerning reacting to engine malfunctions and similar mishaps
  6. The examinee shall prove his knowledge of tying the following knots: A bowline, a double sheet bend, a bollard hitch, belaying a rope on a cleat, a double half-hitch. The Hebrew names  are: