General Remarks
  1. The minimal age for obtaining this certificate is 18 years.
  2. The candidate will present a good health certificate and a certificate proving good eye sight, including colour discernment.
  3. The candidate will have to pass a First Aid and Resuscitation course taught by Magen David Adom or some other body authorized to teach such a course.
  4. The candidate will have to pass the following examinations:
    1. A theoretical grade C seamanship examination
    2. A Navigation grade A (Chart-work) examination
    3. A theoretical Navigation grade B  examination
    4. A theoretical machinery and boat-related electricity examination
    5. A final examination as a Skipper of a Motor-Sailer
  5. The GRADE 30 skipper is permitted to operate launches of every output, excluding commercial launches, carrying fare-paying passengers.
  6. The GRADE 30 skipper is permitted to operate motor boats, sailing boats and motor-sailers within coastal waters.
  7. This authorization does not permit operating a boat on a foreign voyage. The requirements for such an authorization will be enumerated in the chapter “GRADE 60 Authorization”.
  8. The GRADE 30 skipper is  not permitted to operate a PWC.