1. The length of the examination is approximately  2  hours per person. Forces of nature or other factors may alter  this time span.  
  2. The basic requirement of the examinees is to be familiar with the boat on which they will be examined: It’s construction, engine, documents, the location of  boat equipment items, the activating of safety gear.
  3. In addition to the subjects listed below, the examiner may ask questions about navigation, Rules of the Road, instruments etc. - subjects which the examinee has studied for the theoretical examinations.
  4. The examinee will be required to carry out a “Man overboard” manouever, in the most efficient method.
  5. The examination will include the required knowledge to operate the radio, knowledge of the radio’s panel  and the various control-knobs and how to operate it according to radio procedure.
  6. The examinee will prove his control of the crew, while issuing clear and precise operational orders and monitoring the crew members’ actions.
  7. The examinee will give strict attention to the safety of the crew and the vessel, at all times.