General  Remarks

  1. The authorization is for operating a small tug in coastal waters.
  2. The candidate’s age has to be at least  20  years.
  3. The candidate has to have a GRADE 30  and/or  60  certificate for at least  2  years.
  4. The candidate is obliged to present an “Absence of Criminal Record” certificate, issued by the Israel Police        
  5. The candidate has to present a confirmation proving his employment as a crew-member of a tug for a  period of at least one year.
  6. The candidate will present a good health certificate and a certificate proving good eye-sight, including colour discernment.
  7. The candidate will have to pass a First Aid and Resuscitation course taught by Magen David Adom or some other body authorized to teach such a course.
  8. The candidate will be obliged to pass a Fire Fighting and a Life Saving course on the M/V “Dado”.
  9. The candidate will have  successfully passed a theoretical examination for a small tug.
  10. The candidate will have successfully passed a practical examination for a small tug.
  11. The candidate will present a  VHF-restricted Radio Operator’s license or a such a license with a link to G.M.D.S.S.
  12. A GRADE 50 operator is not permitted to operate a PWC.