1. The allotted time is approximately  120 minutes
  2. The examinee will be required to be well acquainted with the small tug on which the examination will be carried out, including the location of  equipment, engine parts, operating the engine and overcoming common malfunctions
  3. The examinee will be well familiar with the Rules of the Road, especially those concerning towing and being towed
  4. The examinee will be familiar with the working procedures for towing and pricing
  5. The examinee will actually tow a lighter and bring it to a position chosen by the examiner, after towing it out of the harbour, paying out the tow-rope -  and shortening  it prior to re-entering the harbour
  6. The examinee will carry out the following manouevers:
    1. Starboard side to the quay
    2. Port side to the quay
    3. A  Bow-on” or “Stern-to” approach to a large mooring buoy, in order to put working personnel on it
  7. The examinee will demonstrate operating the VHF, contacting the Navy, and sending a distress call (without actually transmitting it)
  8. Using the compass for keeping a course and for the taking of bearings
  9. Finding the tug’s position using the GPS