Due to the fact that a GRADE 60 authorization is based on having previously obtained a GRADE 30 (Authorization to operate a boat in coastal waters) the requirements for GRADE 30 should be found in the former chapter.
All that is written bellow is in addition  to the former chapter.

General Remarks

  1. The candidate will have obtained his GRADE 30 authorization at least one year previously.
  2. The minimal age for a GRADE 60 authorization is  19 years.
  3. The candidate will have a Radio Operator’s License (Limited to VHF or a VHF-GMDSS related license).
  4. The candidate will show a written confirmation  of eight days of “Sea Time” on an international voyage.
  5. Criteria for the recognition of accumulating Sea Time on an international voyage:
    1. Sailing on an international voyage for  8  days or more, and having an entry or exit noted in one of  Israel’s ports  or marinas. Proof of such exit or entry will be the inscription by the Border Control Police (BCP) in the candidate’s passport, or  -  in case of exit from Israel  - an inscription in a BCP-confirmed crew list
    2. Sea Time accumulation will only be recognized if carried out after having obtained a GRADE 30 license
    3. The relevant vessels for Sea Time accumulation are private or commercial sailing or motor yachts. Voyages on ships will not be recognized for this purpose
    4. Showing a voyage confirmation signed by the boat’s Skipper, in which he states (under oath) the veracity of the a.m. confirmation. It shall include a detailed voyage plan. (The Skipper will sign his full name and his license number.)
    5. The voyage plan shall include time and position details for each day of the voyage