To: Israeli flag owners and operators, recognized service providers, classification companies, agents, vessel inspectors.
Application: Israeli vessels over 24 meters on a national and international voyage, commercial passenger ships transporting paid passengers operating in Israeli coastal waters and commercial vessels operating in internal waters.
Purpose of notice: to bring to the attention of vessel owners and service providers of the types of life rafts permitted, what tests are required, the life raft equipment required, the marking required on the life raft, and the documents and certificate that the recognized service provider must provide to the vessel owner at the end of the life raft inspection, and which must be presented to the inspector at the time of the annual inspection of the vessel.
Reference: LSA CODE, SOLAS CHAPTER III, RESOLUTION A. 761(18) IMO, Port Regulations Safety of Navigation 1982 Regulation 5 (16) Regulation 6 (3).

10 March, 2021